No more cash deposits

Powered by advanced insurance technology, LeaseSurance offers protection on every lease and eliminates property rental deposits.

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Replace cash deposits with customised protection on every lease

Cash deposits don’t work

Full Protection

LeaseSurance protects your entire portfolio, freeing up multiple months’ worth of protection against rent loss and damages, on every lease.

How it Works

More Leads Created

Renters can move in without paying an expensive deposit, driving more leads to your property and accelerating leasing.

Streamlined Lease Agreement

A small monthly fee replaces the upfront cash deposit in your leasing process, reducing deposit administration.

Customised Protection

LeaseSurance determines customised protection and premiums for each property, providing greater cover than cash deposits, thus minimising bad debt.

Easy Claims Process

Get paid soon after closing your final account statement, with claims automated in the process.

Improved Net Operating Income (NOI)

LeaseSurance offers you improved performance and a measurable financial impact, vastly increasing your portfolio’s asset value.

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